Our bilingual primary school program seamlessly integrates exposure to English with the official Czech education framework. The English element follows the British curriculum and exposes children to English every day through study, play and project-based education. Although fun, children will be prepared for passing Cambridge English Certificate language tests, evidencing their progress.

The program is based on two pillars: project-based inter-subject education and training for the most widespread language test, Cambridge English. We do not teach English, we immerse children in using English.

Young Hippocampus emphasises complex growth of children's personalities. We link education in two different languages as well as Czech and British education styles and ways of thinking. This is reflected in the following ways:

Our students do not translate, but rather learn to read and write the English alphabet as in native English speaking countries. English lessons are held by native speakers only, who are qualified, experienced teachers for primary schools.

Our students do not need any prior English knowledge, as we build the language from its foundations and every child progresses individually.