Bilingual education offers the opportunity to learn both languages, as well as to interconnect various cultural environments.

Young Hippocampus is a program of bilingual education at primary schools, which contains the best of both Czech and English education approaches. 

Bilingualism has been proven to stimulate brain activity and to strengthen brain cognitive functions. It improves memory, focus, and attention, and can lead to faster thinking and information processing. It is widely accepted that bilingual people operate better in multicultural environments and are much more tolerant and creative.

Why the name? The hippocampus is a core part of the brain which plays a significant role in the process of learning and storing information into long-term memory.

We aim to stimulate the brains of the young, when it is at its most flexible so that the second language becomes as natural as the first and is cemented in their long-term memory for life.

Of course, the play on words was also intentional and those young minds should have fun imagining a baby hippopotamus school.

Czech-English Hippocampus.