Our students will be prepared for the most recognised English language test each year, the Cambridge English Certificate. The appropriate level of such exams may replace admission tests of some secondary schools or universities in the Czech Republic and they are also recognized by schools abroad.

Language training for exams is integrated into the program, therefore, students are highly motivated to pass such exams. Students are able to assess their own progress in the English language and they are motivated for further studies.

Tests assess the level of English (depending on age and progress of studies) in the following areas - understanding, speaking and writing.

1st grade YLE Starters, 2nd-3rd grade YLE Movers, 3rd-4th grade YLE Flyers, 5th grade A2 Key (KET) / B1 Preliminary PET

Our first-graders obtained excellent results in the YLE Starters tests (school year 2021-2022). They exceeded our expectations in all categories, excelling especially in the Speaking category with an average of 4.8 out of a maximum of 5 points. It is amazing to see the progress they are making, not only through our own eyes, but also through the recognition of such an important international institution as the Cambridge Assessment Centre.

More information on language tests are available here: